Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the Beginning...(revisited?)

"In the Beginning..", there was no beginning, unless God created time and forgot to mention it.
Life cannot come from nothing, excepting the eternal life of God, which renders the 'When did life begin?' answer moot.
God, as a spiritual being, needs no rest, has no 'feelings' and somehow 'lives' outside of time and space(nowhere, nowhen).

Yet, God created heirarchy (for a mysterious purpose.)

"A hierarchy is an arrangement of objects, people, elements, values, grades, orders, classes, etc., in a ranked or graduated series. The word derives from the Greek ἱεραρχία (hierarchia), from ἱεράρχης (hierarches), "president of sacred rites, high-priest" and that from ἱερός (hieros), "sacred" + ἄρχω (arkho), "to lead, to rule""

Whether God is real, in any sense, HE certainly created heirarchy.

Given HIS manifestation on this planet as religions, the first booklets are clear about who is in charge! God's priests are given authority over us.

The objective of every priesthood is to claim leadership of every hierarchy with a simple trick.

The idea is to convince any hierarchy that they are ultimately responsible to GOD(whether their GOD is real(living outside space and time) or actually DEFINED as a personification of ultimate leadership of all hierarchies. Since every hierarchy NEEDS GODLY advice and the priests are the GODLIEST then the hierarchy ought to take advice from the priests.

Simple. Straightforward. It works every time.

The controlled.

The controlled are kept in line by means of propaganda which has a full range of complexity.

Brainwashing children to accept absurd stories. Bribing children into the scheme with candies, formal dinners etc. never ceasing to equate Godliness with goodness and God with Order.

Conversion of the weak, poor and elderly.

Simple propaganda for the less-than-faithful, "GOD means Good Orderly Direction!", "If there were no GOD, we'd have to invent HIM!"

Infiltration of secular institutions(hierarchies).


"Abortion is Murder!"
"Atheists HATE God!"
"This is a Christian Nation!"


"Goodness IS Godliness"
"Godliness IS Goodness"
"Atheism CAUSES totalitarianism"
"Atheism IS sociopathy"

Can we escape from the clutches of those who know that God is another word for power, that God is another word for money and that God is another word for control?

Perhaps when the controlled stop believing that Godliness is exactly equal to Goodness!


If I were a pastor of a small community church I'd dream of having a larger congregation, having more money, more power, more respect and more control of secular hierarchies.

Wouldn't you?

The thing that pisses me off about Christianity is their willful ignorance.
Let's say that 'all' is God. The Holy Spirit is life, intelligence, the power to have faith and such. Christ is the tradition, the traditional way to impart the 'power' of belief, the 'power' that you can have OVER those who believe. The 'thing' that we thinkers are, as an entirety.. GOD.

Talking to them is like talking to tricksters and buffoons who are trying their best to trick us non-believers into their buffoonery.
If we point out that there is NO archeological evidence for their most important stories they simply start dissembling.

There is no archeological evidence for the Exodus, NONE!

I can almost hear the faithful mentally adjusting, "But we have the tradition as truth, there IS a place called Egypt, the Sinai desert, Palestine etc. you dummy!
Someone will chime in about morality!
Someone will chime in about philosophy!
Someone will chime in that science is to be questioned!
If they believe that they are 'intellectual' they might try to 'hoist us by our own petard!', (ab)using science against us.(D'Souza anyone?)

There is no archeological evidence for a city or a town or even a village of Nazareth in that time period!
These two facts ought to demolish Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions RFN(right-fuckin'-now!).

But the power to control believers is more or less deliberately confused with some power of God(ALL, remember) to control nature, nations, the future, personal happiness, health etc.

It is this mumbo-jumbo, this praying, this open admission of submission to priests and those at the tops of hierarchies controlled by those 'in submission' that pisses me off!
To misquote the Mythbusters, they reject reality and substitute their own(doctrine, dogma)


The Maze Monster said...

And if you were an ArchBiship, you'd dream of more little boys in the sunday school programme. :-p

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Ooh, I LIKE this post!!!

Good one, pboy!

Genesis is a real hoot, too... I love the fact that God punishes the snake by making it go forth forever on its belly, instead of holding its tail in its mouth and rolling everywhere I guess... And the omniscient and all-powerful God that needs rest every now and then, doesn't see the rebellion coming, let Satan loose on Humanity instead of punishing him, even made bets with his old buddy Scratch. Oh, and the Ark! What a fucking joke.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

And the all-knowing perfect God that admitted that He needed to change everything since the old way wasn't working... Then sends his Son to die horribly instead of doing it himself. As if a real God as described couldn't have made His point a lot more effectively by just SHOWING EVERYONE instead of a few Jews in the desert.

GearHedEd said...

God spoke to me the other day and said,

"That's MY story, and I'm sticking to it."


pboyfloyd said...

Funny thing you should say that Ed..

I thought that I heard God singing "THIS!"

GearHedEd said...

Or maybe


mac said...

Exactly !

I agree with Brian.
Why would an all powerful, all knowing god need rest or why would he (she/it)not see the fall coming.

I know, most christians will tell you it's free-will. This does not explain why he(she/it) did it, merely why WE did it. God knows all? He should have seen it coming, or at least, called Mistress Cleo. She could have told him what was about to happen

Asylum Seeker said...

The sound bytes part is so true, it is scary. It is a frightening reminder that repetition=truth to these people. Adages and memorable sayings aren't remembered and brought forward because of how well they represent reality, but because they are nice, stock statements they can spit up in order to make it seem like they know what they are talking about, merely because everyone else is simultaneously spewing the same crap. Like you said, they substitute their own reality, and do it one mnemonic friendly thought fragment at a time.

Oh yeah, and on the matter of Genesis: anyone ever wonder what snakes looked like before they were forced to slither? And ever wonder why Young Earth Creationists haven't ever used that to explain away dinosaurs?

pboyfloyd said...

Hmm Devo.. it's weird how those hats didn't catch on.

GearHedEd said...

Or the plastic hair...

Through Being Cool

GearHedEd said...

We need some Dinesh-like trolls in here to drop a steaming pile every so often to invigorate the discussion, no? It's kinda lame when everyone agrees with each other.

Harvey said...

It strikes me that almost everything in the Bible non believers (like us?) have trouble with is because the Bible was written about God by men, rather than by God Himself. Since men are neither all knowing or perfect, it follows that any product of our efforts must also be imperfect. These observations allowed me to disbelieve in the Torah as the word of God when I was quite young. As I have posted elsewhere before, my Grandfather, who was a Torah and Talmud scholar, basicly said:"An intelliegnt person can see that most of this is allegory, intended to teach object lessons about how men should try to live, rather than literal truths." I did not realize at the time how wise and profound these statements were.

pboyfloyd said...

Plastic hair.

Ronald Reagan RUINED that one for everybody!

Asylum Seeker said...

"We need some Dinesh-like trolls in here to drop a steaming pile every so often to invigorate the discussion, no? It's kinda lame when everyone agrees with each other"

We can link these blogs to comments on other blogs and websites that are better at drawing in the ignorant and/or religious. Give the trolls a door to step through. Probably not a good idea, though...