Friday, December 19, 2008

I believe..

I believe, in fact I KNOW that I am a streaming consciousness.

What is 'essentially' ME is NOT my body but the process of ME knowing that I am me.
I believe, and I'm SURE that the process of being me is an electro-magnetic process caused by my brain and extended nervous system which 'tells' me that I am an individual human being living in this world with other living human beings who have their OWN personal nervous systems, brains and streaming consciousnesses.
I believe that we can and have, through science, constructed an objective model of reality where individual objects, known as atoms, exist in three dimensions of space and 'through'(or over) time.

I believe that some of these individual objects have combined to form MASSIVE complex objects that we see around us. Anything with the element CARBON in it is called an organic compound because we KNOW that all life is based on CARBON compounds.(therefore, by definition, organic compounds)

This doesn't mean that anything with carbon in it is alive, it means that anything alive has carbon in it.

Speculating that there may be 'life' without CARBON in it, is IMAGINATION.

Does your notion of GOD include HIM being composed of CARBON compounds?

If, "NO!", then your GOD is NOT alive in reality, which is, by any scientific definition that is not speculation or imagination.

Sure, you can hark back to a time when science hadn't defined 'life' or appeal to philosophy(unempirical, untestable "knowledge"), but then you are avoiding the answer to the question, "What is life as we KNOW it?" and substituting an answer to, "What is life as we might imagine it to be?" Is THAT clear enough?


mac said...

All tigers are cats, but not all cats are tigers ?

pboyfloyd said...

Well mac...

I think that all cats imagine that they are tigers.

mac said...

Yes !

Just as all theists imagine they are godly ?
Whatever god they have, he ( she/it) is the one.