Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Politics! Yech!

Ooo, the socialists crow, we've defeated capitalism, the government can take care of everything NOW!

Communism(the USSR) collapses!!

Socialism takes a beating as the public loses confidence and votes for Conservative policy over most of the world.

Bitter 'belt-tightening' prevails for years as Conservative policies 'take-effect'. Not a problem for the rich though!

Conservative policies(total privatization) works for a spell but even as the last bitter pills of socialism are being spat from our mouths, THE FREE MARKET proves itself to be far from self-sustaining when it turns into a 'casino' and the public loses confidence.

And 'yea yea', if we were all 'free market' Conservatives and NOT SO GREEDY then it 'might work'.

What'll work? Oscillating back and forth between totally restrictive government (wage and price controls, deficit spending) and 'ridiculously free' government, total free market, letting the bullies grab everyone's toys.

Oooo.. do you see how absolutely wrong socialism is? The fixers will use the market as a club, showing it up!

O... do you see how absolutely wrong conservatism is? The fixers will use the market as a casino, crapping in their 'own' pool!

Communism tried to kill the fixers, but, much like the 'war on drugs' trying to jail all the dealers and users, the fixers are found to be us, albeit a 'bad side of us' that we don't want to admit to.

If you really want to be a really real fiscal Conservative, that'll be no 'war on drugs' please, let the free market decide!

But, I can almost here your thoughts 'screaming', Conservatism and religion go hand in hand, like, "It's all mine, stay away from my piece of the pie!", goes with, "Let's all share! Let's all be friends and love one another!"

It's like punitve justice goes with freedom!

Just 'not'. Right, just 'not'.

But the government can 'check' runaway free market greed by buying food corporations, fuel corporations etc. BEFORE they run themselves into the ground! Before we're all starving and walking and freezing! The government can create employment etc.

This is the exact opposite of Conservatism and ought not to be a smug 'rebuttal' of free market, because, in the end, public confidence will return and socialism will overdo it, holding back 'freedom' just as much as Conservatism does when THAT is hailed as the 'be all and end all'.

Unions having an iron grip on an industry is just as bad as Corporations having a totally free hand to employ wage-slaves.

The public are no better off with extreme socialism holding their 'feet in the fire'(as it were) than they(the public) are with extreme conservatism holding their 'heads in the fire'.

Seems to me that a dedicated zealot of either extreme would be just as happy switching allegience. The zealotry is 'the thing' for them.

And they have these 'hidden agendas', wilfully ignoring the public's "pain" as they yank us from extreme to extreme, each insisting that we'd ALL love to be living in their particular HELLISH vision of Utopia!

Where are all these economic egg-heads that graduate every single year from universities all over the world?

Can they not use spread sheets?

Reagan became president KNOWING that his policies would CAUSE hyper-inflation , fucking with the public's wealth, but he didn't TELL THAT to the voters!

Hmm, wonder why?


mac said...

You've hit the nail on the head here, p-boy.
I think extremism, in whatever camp, is bad. This is not only evidence in politics, but life in general.
Take religion, there's not much worse than a religious extremist, be he christian, or muslim, or hindu, or whatever. The extemist will go to great lenghts to further his agenda....which is why we live in such a precarious time.

Harvey said...


Even though I have not found God thus far in an essentially lifelong search, I still look forward to Thanksgiving!! Although this holiday was originally (and to a large degree still is) based in religion, it seems to me that it has become an affirmation of our good fortune to live and prosper in this wonderful country. My grandparents came here to escape Czarist Russia, and by so doing, managed to avoid the horrors of the Holocaust that wiped out every remaining relative that still lived in Europe during Hitler's time. Their family certainly has prospered, down to and including their great, great grandchildren. At a time like this, I am sometimes tempted to "thank" the God I grew up with, until I realize that there is no earthly reason that any God would have seen fit to bestow His blessings on my family, when so many others, many of them more deserving than I, seem to have escaped His notice. Perhaps this is the beginning of the "humility" that our Christian friends speak of that is necessary to find God and be saved. In any event, whether my family's good fortune is the result of luck, hard work, or the benevolence of a Deity, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, however you celebrate it or whomever you choose to "thank".

Harvey said...

Back on subject:

All of this recent economic extremism is the "pendulum" that history tells us has almost always been operational. Generally, whenever we swing too far either way, we come to regret it. We can all trust that whatever may take place to "swing" us back towards the middle will eventually succumb to another "push" to one or the other extreme. As it has been said, "Those who do not recognize the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them." ...and repeat them, and repeat them....