Friday, December 5, 2008

Everybody thinks different, Jackass!

I am pissed off at people saying stupid things, such as, "How do atheists think?", "What do atheists believe?", etc.

What part of, "There are no gods, not even one!", synthesize into, "You guys are warring on Christmas!", or, "You guys are responsible for a million-plus abortions!", or , "Can't you see God everywhere you look, you must just HATE God, if you don't!", or, "You saw a killer-whale that you fell in love with at first sight, and YOU just want an excuse to hump that bitch, right?!"

Honestly, I don't want to 'make a woman out of' "Wilhemina", I don't 'bear ANY responsibility for ANY abortion EVER!, and, "NO!", of course I can't 'see' GOD everywhere, I can't 'see' GOD, ANYWHERE!

I just don't 'get it'.

I understand that your entire belief system is BUILT to keep you guys IN and bring more converts in too, and I realise that you MUST KNOW THIS!

So, if someone considers Pascal's Wager, considers the entire contents of THE BIBLE, considers the possibility of any kind of spirituality AT ALL, even SATANISM, or witchcraft, or wicca and comes to the conclusion that it is ENTIRELY BULLSHIT!, why must you take that up as some kind of challenge?

The facts are clear!


Sure there are atheists who just don't believe in 'supreme beings', and ... I like 'em.

There are probably atheists who want to 'dominate', to 'control' you daffy ducks, and I HATE THEM!

There is a middle line, a fairness, a justice that is REAL and your GODLY MORALITY is just NOT IT!

Denying all gods then proceeding to imagine that then YOU ought to be 'in command' is NOT IT EITHER!

Show me your qualifications. OH, you don't believe in gods, you say.

Hmm.. well, neither does a ROCK or a worm or a dog.


Yea, I know, you have knowledge of propaganda, rhetoric, persuasion, but that is DECEIT!

Don't believe me!

Your booklets tell you that 'they' saw the future!


("'Tis the future you see!"- Yoda
(Luke asks him if it is real.
("Hard to see, the future is, always in motion!)

Hey, this is in a fictional story where they can lift objects WITH THEIR MINDS!


Harvey said...

As I am sure you know only too well, believers (especially Christian believers) simply remain unsure in their heart of hearts that their belief system, with its promise of eternal life, is really true. Even they (at least those that retain some rationality in their thought processes) recognize that "maybe" it is all a psychological crutch that has been created for them to fend off the unhappy realization that this life is all there is. Since there is no way for them to really confirm that thier beliefs are true, as is generally the case with most of us, they have to fall back on the only "proof" they can find, which is agreement with their beliefs voiced by as many other human beings as possible (safety in numbers?). This, I think, explains the need on the part of most organized religions (again, especially Christianity) to proselytize in an effort to gain new converts, thus swelling the numbers of those who "agree". Unfortunately, many Christians see anyone's unwillingness to be "shown the light", let alone to voice active disbelief, as a direct attack upon their "God" (Who, by their own Biblical tradition, should need no "protection" from disbelief, in any event). Needless to say, the attack they perceive is really upon them, rather than God. It is abundantly clear that some Christians have no choice but to "defend" their beliefs, by whatever means they can find, from "atheists", especially here in a country whose Constitution explicitly protects our rights of free speech and separation of Church and State. Thus, their insistance that non-believers are, like them, somehow an organized group, with "spokespersons" whose published opinons carry weight with the entire "group", and whose aim is not only to disagree with their belief system, but to actively suppress or destroy it. I realize that these observations are no surprise to you, but they come to mind in response to your most recent post.
I would have much less objection to being either a minority group member or a non-believer in a largely Christian world, were it not for the insistance of some of them to "bear witness" in ways that do not permit me to choose to ignore them. Even having been incessantly "visited" almost every Saturday (in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood I grew up in) by earnest young men wanting to "bring me into the fold of Christ's blessings" was acceptable and understood. Insistance upon public, tax supported displays of an entirely religious nature, on the other hand, really sticks in my craw. This is most abundantly apparent at this time of year, when active dialogue goes on as to whether or not one should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" (For God's sake, who cares!!) It seems to me that Christmas, as it is practised by most people in the United States today, has very little to do with Christ any more. The parts of this celebration that do still pertain to Christ are and should be practised in Churches and people's homes.
Sorry for the long post, which I realize basicly restates yours, but this strikes a chord with me in ways that I believe you will understand.

pboyfloyd said...

Nope, no reason to apologize. I liked that 'restatement' of my 'rant' to a 'calmer' version.

Good job!

GearHedEd said...

Here's another thought:
Now that virtually everything else that's fun or profitable has been either made illegal or priced out of the range of most peoples' budget, one of the few things we have left is the ability to start an argument with some christians for kicks.
As long as the government doesn't take that away, too, I think I can still find happiness...