Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers for Harry C. Pharisee!

(ahem)... Flowers!

I remember sitting in the bar one day, having a beer with Kenny and Dennis. I had been studying Spanish for a bit so, out of my mouth came, "Hey, Kenny, you're from Flores Island, did YOU know that that means 'Flowers' Island!?"

Kenny was a pretty tough kind of manly man, with a heart of gold, but his expression said, "If you weren't my pal, I'd punch you on the nose for saying that!"

Dennis spotted that too and decided to 'back Kenny up', "You are WRONG, because Flores Island was named after a Spaniard named Flores!"

Dennis considers himself a bit of a brain, which is cool 'cos we've had some good conversations, you know, for 'bar conversation', and he was sure that he 'had me there'.

So, not even having to think about it, I piped up, "Well, HIS name was Mr. Flowers though, so it's STILL Flowers' Island, right?"

(YES! Two points for Ian, YAY!)

I was wondering why anyone might consider it 'sissy' to have been brought up on 'Flowers' Island'?

Would Kenny have prefered it to have been named, "EvilBastard Island", or "Ironman Island", or like THAT, perhaps in Spanish?

We just don't know!

Happy b'day Harry!