Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Morality Argument

How can there be 'good' if there is no GOD?

Well let's turn that around, dump it on it's head and paint it with a mixture of poo and urine!

Disgusting, isn't it?

Okay, now let's hose it off again so we can have a peek into the mind of a Creationist.

Ultimate question, where did we come from?

Answer:- GOD!

(see the first Book of the Sacred Holy Bible, conveniently named Genesis, which means 'Beginning'!)

How do I know that that is right? Well, it is simple, straightforward, to the point, and written in an unimpeachible, sacred, holy book! If your not going to 'go along' with this part you are definitely going to have a bit of a problem with the rest.

But what if you're not the gullible, childlike, uncritical simpleton that we LOVE to teach-hahahaha? (regular teaching can be complicated and might make you prone to thinking and that just leads to trouble, BUT "teach-hahahaha-ing", although it can be quite expensive too, does exactly the opposite!

What if you are not the kind of person that we can say to, "Look around you, do you not see God's handiwork?", and you unthinkingly say, "Sure!", well, that's not as bad as you might think that we think it is. We have, of course, what we laughingly call "Plan B".(I know, that's not very creative, but we already have a Creator and we'd like you to suck that 'fact' up, keep it in mind as it were. If you can do that you are already unwittingly 'ours', "Bwahahah!, ahem, I mean, 'Praise the Lord!'")

If you're not the kind of person to say, "Sure!" to the premise that everything is God's handiwork, then, although we have 'Plan B'(see above parenthetical introduction of "the Creator"), we CAN be very disappointed that we know that you are not the kind of person who would automatically answer, "Yes, yes!"(while skipping in circles) to the question, "Do you love your mommy and daddy with all your heart and know that they are the very bestest mommy and daddy that a little girl could ever, every-dever have?????!

This one giant, 'Holy jumping Jesus!' black mark on you already! Just letting you know 'buster', we'll be keeping a close watch on you, don't you think that we won't!

Sadly it's time for me to go and 'get a life' just now. Hey, what do you think that my armpits clean themselves?

You can rest assured that I will be back to explain 'Plan B' and, subsequently the Morality Argument and why it is important for you to look around you and see God everywhere!

(ending music) chic-a-bau-chic-a=bau-chic-a-bau... "Peace-out!"
(I'm trying to be 'hep' here, you ungrateful Philistines!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I was really hoping for some comments defending either the idea that life was good(in any sense) or that life was good(in the sense that it is holy.)

I think that it is safe to say that, in general, people will cling to life. Even more generally, it is probably safe to say that all life clings to life.

But is that because there is a basic 'goodness' to life?

Now, I believe that religious people will, without even thinking about it, without thinking that they even need to think about it, would say that life is 'good' at least in the sense of being 'holy' or sacred.

I was hoping for some 'action' from eric or Botts, something that we could get some 'traction' on to at least get past the 'beginning', the Genesis, in the sense that there is some kind of definite 'goodness' to life and/or in the sense that 'God saw that it was good!'.

I was hoping to create some kind of beginning point that we might agree on, or even not agree on without going full tilt into a religious or anti-religious rant!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Who can say, in all seriousness that they know good from bad?
Is it 'good' to be alive?

What absolute drivel runs through our minds on a day to day basis...

Geez, am I trying 'my best' to sound like Kevin Spacey's character in the movie 'Seven' or what?

The question is, "Is it good to be alive?"

Good Friday
c.1290, from good in sense of "holy" (e.g. the good book "the Bible," 1896), also, esp. of holy days or seasons observed by the church (c.1420); it was also applied to Christmas and Shrove Tuesday.

There's a twist on the question. Is it 'holy' to be alive?