Friday, November 7, 2008

I liked this so much...edit 1

... I read it over a few times and was amazed at my own brilliance!(LOL, that's not as difficult as you might imagine!)

I was thinking here, that you guys might give me some 'additions', some thoughts or pointers so that I might improve this into an open source multi-authored document putting into words the 'common sense' worldview opposing, not religion per se, but this disingenuous attempt at religification(and exposing it too).

Hey theists, throw in some of your mindless drivel if you think I can use that too!

I see possible 'expansion' points all over this! All the formatting disappeared into the 'spiritual realm'(DAMMMMYOUGOD!) so it is 'shit' to read right now, but I'm hoping that it will be an ongoing project.

The references to specific God's lawyers will be scrapped of course eventually.

"What God's lawyers don't want to see."

If life begins at conception, then the sperm wasn't alive.

If life begins at conception, then the ovum wasn't alive.

But "life doesn't come from non-life" is one of the cornerstones of God's lawyers, isn't it?
If we were all to be honest we'd admit that life is a continuum, an evolving continuum which has absolutely nothing to do with possible 'spiritual realms' or nonsensical beings that can be imagined 'living' in them.

We, each of us, individually, get to choose which points to amplify and which to decrease in our mind like a row of dials to magnify or diminish our worldview.Now historically a baby begins it's life at BIRTH.

We use this term for the beginning of actual things."The birth of a nation.", comes to mind, as opposed to 'the conception of a nation', where it might be an idea, a notion in people's minds.

Pregnancy is a 'chance' thing, everyone knows this. The woman will visit a doctor to improve her 'chances'.There is a good chance that a fertilized egg will just not 'stick' and the woman will never even know that "God gave her a child!", to put it in religious terms.

We need modern technology for a woman to know if she is pregnant before her body 'let's her know',(No doubt breaking a few would-be mothers hearts), it is an 'iffy' thing.

We, by convention, start counting a baby's life at their first breath. This has religious significance from when breath(which people didn't have a scientific understanding of) was considered 'spirit' AND the fact that some babies were 'born' DEAD.

I'll call this position 'the timeless common sense view'.

We can contrast this with the God's lawyer's recent(on generational timescales) view that for 'new' religious purposes we now ought to consider the beginning of a human life much earlier, as a wedge to force God's law into common law.

(Observant, Janesophie, I'm not being 'smug', I'm just RIGHT, and you are just WRONG!)

Most folk have enough common sense, even if it is just a feeling in their hearts, to know that the GOD'S lawyers are deviously trying to force a religious agenda on this Constitutionally secular society.

D'Souza practically admits that he thinks even Islam is better than secularism. Same as 'the Decider' was when he said that the Constitution was 'just a piece of paper'.

BAD Christians!

Deceitful Christians!

(Observant. You're really not very observant since you have read a lot of my comments and you imagine that you are 'rattling my cage' when it must be obvious that I LIKE nothing better than a good argument.It must be obvious that I have the patience of 'Job'(LOL) when it comes to 'rewording' my position to make clear to anyone who is willing to read EXACTLY how daft, cheaty, evil, dispicable, disingenuous etc. etc... xenophobic YOU GOD'S LAWYERS are.I know what you're thinking, Observant.I don't need to be psychic or Nostradamus-like.You're thinking, "But the Bible says(some drivel or other!)!"('cos you're ALWAYS thinking that, you simpleton!)


Asylum Seeker said...

"Observant.I don't need to be psychic or Nostradamus-like.You're thinking, "But the Bible says(some drivel or other!)!"('cos you're ALWAYS thinking that, you simpleton!)"


Yes, I am of two conflicting, but equally significant impressions on the part of when life begins. One line of thinking, similar to what you put here is "life started 3. some-odd billion years ago and has been going on ever sense". Which, is more or less correct. But I also a firm believer in the statement "life begins at 30". Largely because you really don't know whether a fetus should be aborted or not until they hit their teens...

Harvey said...

There is an old joke.......

A panel of "experts", a Rabbi, a Catholic Priest, and a Protestant Minister, was convened to discuss "When Life Begins". The priest said: "Mother Church teaches us that when a sperm and an ovum join, God inserts a soul. This is when life begins". The minister said: "Although not all Protestants agree in detail, most of us believe that when a fetus is able to survive outside the womb, this is the beginning of life."
When the Rabbi was aked, he said: "When the dog dies and the kids leave home, this is when life begins!"
Although this is a joke, as is usually the case, there is more than a germ of truth in it. There are different definitions among "believers", always colored by what their tradition may teach them.
Actually, the question remains solely a theological one, inasmuch as secular law places no real importance on this. Clearly, if it was not possible to either prevent or terminate a pregnancy, as for most of human history it was not (at least with the accuracy we have reached in the past century) this would not be even a theological question. Since the legal part of this has been determined by the Supreme Court, the insistance on the part of theists in wanting to define the moment in which "life" begins can only be of significance because they want to be able to impose their beliefs on the rest of us, even though our religious or ethical traditions disagree with theirs. If their only agenda was theological, they would be able to limit their preaching on the subject to their own churches. Clearly, for most Catholics and fundamentalist Christian sects, the issue of "sanctity of Life" is one of the few areas in which they agree, let alone have much respect for each other.

GearHedEd said...

"A zygote is a gamete's way of making more gametes."

-Robert A. Heinlein

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

P-Boy - my head is a spinning!

Does this mean that every time I conceive of an idea I am theologically bound to see it through?

No wonder many people chose not to think...

mac said...

OMG...I just spilled about 400 million little lives down the drain....damned internet !