Sunday, May 3, 2009


Choices, choices choices.

What do you want to pick?

a) reason
b) unreason

...if YOU picked (a) then continue!

Must GOD(if HE exists be...

(a) reasonable

If you picked (a) then continue!

God created HELL because

(a) Satan was jealous
(b) ...

If YOU picked (a) continue.

It says in the KJV of the Bible that God says HE is..

(a) jealous
(b) imaginary

If you picked (a) continue..

Jealousy is ..

(a) a sin
(b) a banana split(don't they get smaller every year, what, are they 'breeding' small bananas or what?

If you picked .. never mind, if you're not catching my 'drift' or are willing to cavil or quibble about previous choices(i.e. you're a Catholic), just 'never mind'!

Just remember, a person's choice counts for 100% more than a not-person's choice.(which a not-person can't have duh!)


Stacy S. said...

Dang it! Now I want a banana split!

Harvey said...


Your intended point being that if God is "jealous" he is, by definition, not "perfect" (on this and other Blogs). Even though this is entirely logical and seems to derive directly from the "facts" in the case, unlike in a legal trial, neither the Judge nor the Jury are listening! The "judge" is being asked to judge Himself, and the Jury has already decided the verdict, "not gulty by reason of perfection." (That is, if the jury could actually "hear" your logic, which by definition of "believer", they cannot) QED

pboyfloyd said...

Stacy, true that.

Harvey, true that.

Harry, um, true that.

Go on Youtube and you 'won't find anything under my song at all.

"Throw the pharisee down the well!"

pboyfloyd said...

I can't see Harry's comment so..

"I was speaking in tongues when I had a new revelation in the form of a question. It's very profound. And of course it would be, I'm a Pharisee!

"Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey, a kiddley divey too wouldn't you?"

The copyright I obtained, allows me to charge you for posting it on your blog (even once)! That'll be a nickel buster. Ahh money, it's what everything holy leads to."

I don't recommend admitting to 'anyone' that you'd 'do' anything at all with/for/to a 'kiddelly divey'!

They'll throw the key away and the inmates will crucify you whether you're guilty or not!

Just FYI Harry!

mac said...

"Just remember, a person's choice counts for 100% more than a not-person's choice.(which a not-person can't have duh!)"

Dangit, I was just getting used to not really having a choice !

pboyfloyd said...

Um.. well, you have no 'free choice', but you have nothing BUT choices right?

To 'get up' or not to 'get up'.

To eat breakfast, what to eat, etc. etc.

That kind of thing!

pboyfloyd said...

Read over my 'choices' and decide for yourself, am I 'really' trying to give you a 'free' choice here?


mac said...

Oh yeah, I get ya.

I was just pulling your leg about those choices.

I agree, there is no choice really. Not for me, not on the god issue. I cannot just decide that god is real or that god is real, and loving and all powerful, and all knowing...but he somehow needs ME to worship him? No choice there :-)

pboyfloyd said...

I guess they mean 'technically' you have a choice.

Like, well, technically you are choosing to live every minute of your life, if you have a knife in your pocket, or live by a cliff.

Or a young girl bemoaning her virginity, "I musta walked by a couple hundred guys today and they all CHOSE not to rape me, boohoo!"

Friend, "The bastards, all men are the same I tell ya! Just wear less clothes, sooner or later one will, then you can send him to prison for fourteen frickin' years, WooHoo, that'll teach 'em ALL! YEA!"

Anonymous said...


You are a strange creature. Why the determinist kick? It's not true.

Another Scotsman dealt with all this and his compatibilism is really what you're after.

I'd put it like this. All choices have contexts, and not all contexts are choices.

You can't be 11'3'' from Botswana now can you? But you sure have the freedom to type or not type.

Anonymous said...

By strange creature I mean a credit to your kilt.

It was a compliment.

I bring up the Scottish thing a lot because I'm of Irish descent.