Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just another rant.

Seems to me that Christians in the USA are quite willing to be total pricks when they gain the political majority BUT the instant that they lose that political majority they start crying that they are the popular majority.

One minute it's "all" support 'our' president, even if you loathe him because he is a complete moron, can't even read a speech off a teleprompter, believes in magic and expects everyone else to believe 'the same' magic as he does.

The 'goalposts' for the word 'majority' are shiftable, that's true, but "come on", let's be real here, how slanted do we have to imagine 'popular opinion' is to assume that the latest President is 'trying to fuck us up' with his 'diplomacy' and 'reasoned judgement' and such?

Close your eyes for a second and try to imagine if you are one of the hard working, generous people that you assume the majority of Americans are, or are you just using that image as a propaganda tool?

I, personally don't believe that we have free will. I'm NOT a compatibilist. I believe that each of us are burdened with an individual model of reality that we cannot help but be influenced by and that the future is too complex, too chaotic from an individual's perspective to work out, but, we are set in our ways, beings(I hate the word 'creatures') of habit, meaning that we resist personal 'change', even though (and if we even realize) that change is inevitable.

I think that G.W.Bush was basically an idiot who actually believed his dad's and Reagan's propaganda, which is a giant FAIL by the way, and that he was propelled into the Presidency by other 'believers'(in virtually governmentless capitalism) who are under the delusion that 'GOD' is 'in control'.

My mind 'boggles' to think that the World gets to be influenced by people who think that there is a supernatural 'being' letting them know what to do.

I can't believe that some people are insisting that the Bible is a book explaining the goodness of God while explaining how goodness is what God did which isn't what any reasonable person might expect even a good PERSON to do.

Seems like these people are trying to tell us that we don't know 'good' when we see it.

Add some years of booze and cocaine abuse to this 'scenario' and we have a born again twat who imagines that he's gonna be considered the bestest PREZ every-dever.

What's 'free' about that? If we think that everything is just opinion, of course things are going to turn out batshit crazy, of COURSE!


Stacy S. said...

Luckily we no longer have a "batshit insane" prez. :-)

mac said...

Yeah, God tells them what to do.

It's funny. In this country, people who listen to Allah are "fuckin' crazie". BUT Jesus and the Ghost, now, that's just good guidance.

It's also funny that we were to support Bush, no matter what, because he was the president, dammit! But, Obama is the pres now. Where's his support from all those same guys? Oh, thats right, they didn't vote for that asshole.

Anonymous said...

Oneblood estuvo aqui!

pboyfloyd said...

Is that the preterite third person, of estar?