Friday, March 16, 2018

THIS IS WEIRD!! So I'm letting my mind wander, thought of when I 'discovered' The Cure, and the only song I really like(not saying that the other songs are 'no good' or like that), I think it was Johno Pearce who posted/commented something about driving home listening to The Cure, so the song, Lovesong. So I popped that up on the old Youtube, brings back memories of that time, and how I would play it often and sing along, and I'd be singing it to Mozey, my little dog. I WILL in fact, always love him, no matter where he goes, no matter what I say etc. etc. Anyways that, somehow, brought to mind my old blog on blogspot. AbsenceOfGood. I thought maybe I might throw in a few of my comments on there because, why not? Actually, I used to, every now and then, read through the blogposts and laugh remembering something funny, cringe at some obviously cringey spots, you know how memories go, yea? So, I get on the blog, and, check out the stats! Would you FUCKING BELIEVE IT? Looks like someone blew the dust off those pages and went through 116 pages of it on the 10th... SIX DAYS AGO!! JUST WOW!