Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meta-conscious- much?

"Metarealism is synonymous to metaconscience, which means beyond psychological consciousness, beyond a subjective psychological polarized view of reality. Metarealism seeks to depict the reality which exist beyond that psychological subjective perspective. Metarealism proposes not only to communicate further than the pictorial aspect of the perception of other dimension of reality, but also the essence of those dimensions and their relation to us as human beings. Metarealism then becomes a tool for the evolution of consciousness; just like in the old days artists painted sacred art to depict their vision of the reality they perceived, through their spiritual interpretation of other dimensions."

I think that saying 'metarealism seeks to depict the reality.." would certainly catch the interest of those people who are 'into' that 'higher plane', or 'higher consciousness' or even the BB Theory, that sort of thing.

But a slightly different notion, just dumping the 'meta' this or that and imagining how it DID in fact work through the ages is just as interesting.

I cannot imagine what would have happened if Mozart was born in the days of drums and flutes or Einstein was born into a world with no concept of zero.

I can see how it all 'has to fit', society with the right mixture of knowledge and freedom, universities communicating, working things out, solving problems and gaining insight to the previously unknown.

We CAN imagine an Einstein being born at the dawn of civilization and being brought before his king to perform wonders, predict wonderful things for that king etc.

Pure 'shite' we realize NOW, but 'hey' THAT was the 'meta-conscious' of the time, if you like.

We can see how the 'meta-conscious' holds us back today, government bureaucracy stubbornly sticking to some out-moded political agenda, yet that same 'meta-conscious' pushing forward.

Out of the ashes of the old comes the new and exciting, which works great for a while, then it too becomes old ashes.

In short, I don't think that we need 'meta-anything'. Reality is going great-guns without us imagining that we are somehow looking beyond it.

Just think, we pretty much have the crystal ball(okay, it's not ball shaped, it's TV shaped) and we have magic wands(clickers), we can fly, we can do wondrous things and, as it turns out we don't need to invoke spells or curry favour with 'meta-beings'.

Turns out that, after all the electrical engineering and manufacturing of components were done, all we needed were double A batteries and electric sockets.


Anonymous said...


I guess that was an answer of sorts.

What you seem to block out is not whether a meta-consciousness exists or not, but that our picture of reality is incomplete. That's how you dismiss other things so easily.

Our understanding of reality isn't complete and you said as much by default. It just keeps unfolding and unfolding.

Maybe the metaconsciousness is our exponential capacity to learn and build on technology?

Asylum Seeker said...

"In short, I don't think that we need 'meta-anything'."

What about metaphor and meta-analysis,? Don't throw the baby out with the bath water! (Though I guess I wouldn't complain too much if we got rid of those things anyway...)

mac said...
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mac said...

Sorry, that was me :-)

I tried to say....

Deathlock Rules !!

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, oneblood, as a total unbeliever in 'spiritual', 'supernatural' or 'metaphysical' anything that I said about it was 'destined' to be at least a little disappointing to you. sorry.

'Metalopalypse'? You must agree that NOTHING is going to live up to that hype! 'Cept may to Homer and Bart.

Anonymous said...

Sniff. I'm taking my ball and going home.

Disappointing me, yet staying true to yourself. I support not disappointing me and staying true to yourself. So in a way it balances out to an ambivalence I can deal with.