Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have put a lot of thought and shit into this, looking through the web, under my bed, in the closet, quizzing confidantes, "You are in my power!", and so on, and I think it's crap.

Tell you why, I think that everyone has been hypnotized, all the time, by everyone, ever. Now I can hear you asking, "HOW CAN THAT BE?", like that, and I answer myself, "Shhh, you'll wake the neighbours!", because that is, I think, what hypnotism is.

I don't know what you think, but I'm pretty sure it's similar to what I think, and the WAY I think, HOW I think what I think, is almost EXACTLY the same as you.

Of course if I was ''written in" as an older sibling or younger sibling I'd act out that role, just as you would act out your part, since we don't grow up reading books on how siblings interact, but we're talking 'now' so if you think about it, concentrate your mind, imagine an older, or younger, it doesn't matter, brother, named Ian, just really give that idea a 'go', then that is hypnotism.

Of course you're reading this thinking, "Dubbya tee eff? He's not my brother.", but what if, in your 'head', you could imagine that I was? Just for the simple reason that concentrating on that idea would focus your mind on that idea.

But this is the same as every real idea that you have, it's just a belief. All the shit in your head is just beliefs. Your mother is really a snowman and dad is some character from a television show?

If you squint hard enough?

Of course not. You know damned fine that's not true. Point is, how do you know? You cannot tell if your most basic beliefs are true or not, since they're just passed along beliefs, they're, if you're willing to admit, beliefs that mom, dad, uncle, aunt, someone who was the best hypnotist, painted the best picture in your mind.


mac said...

You'd have to be my younger brother. My older brother has proentobe a world-class asshole. I'd hate to think there was two like that out there. ;-)

pboyfloyd said...

Well, I'm convinced, younger brother it is. LOL

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Unfortunately, I am hypnotized to believe that I am un-hypnotized. So all bets are off. Or covered. Whichever.

pboyfloyd said...

Yea Brian, and I'm not hypnotized to believe that if the Catholic church were to tell me that black was white, I'd believe that too!

Or that even if I were to travel back in time and saw that Jesus never rose from the dead, I wouldn't believe it.

Or that complete selfishness and total greed are the only way the world can be fair, just don't let that cat out of the bag if the World happens to be fairer, in the real sense of fairness, than you deserve.