Thursday, December 1, 2011

What it means to me.

"Twas brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gymbol in the wabe
All mimsey were the borogoves, and the mome-wraths outgrabe."

This is the entire universe as it really is from your, or my, point of view, disregarding our relationships with each other. The Sun rises and sets every day no matter how you're getting on with the wife and kids, no matter who is vying for political power at the City Hall, the local district etc., no matter if you're a CEO or a janitor.

It conjures up a picnic scene where we are sitting, relaxed, knowing that things are happening off in the distance. Off in the distance there may be a village or even a big city where the hustlers are hustling and the bustlers are bustling, where they hustle and bustle day in and day out.

If we imagine the city empty of people, there it would be, brillig while off in the distance the busy are busying. It's just the first layer upon which everything else rests, it being explained that there are always, in fact, other thingies doing their thingy. The farmers are farming, the butchers are butching, the mosquitos are doing little fly stuff and so on.

There is always a scene upon which stuff is going to happen, but no matter what stuff happens the scene will tend to go back to being the scene.

After this we could add anything at all. For example, "Twas brillig, blah, blah, blah, 'then Eve gave an apple to Adam', or, 'that's when the President pushed the Red Button'".

The first couple of lines of Jabberwocky is the ultimate scene-setting, the 'when' and the 'where', the 'could be anywhere', the 'nothing to see here folks, unless there's something to see'.

But I've been trying to make you see, which in a way corrupts the whole idea. For you to really see, to really notice what I'm trying to mean, you have to find those moments where it's all just 'there' around you. You may notice it if you practice yoga, or if you have jogged far enough, what do I know, "I'm not a doctor dammit, I'm not an elevator!", to corrupt 'Bones' imfamous saying to my purposes here.

The Supertramp line from their song, "If everyone was listening.", ".. the stage is in darkness and clear..", kind of sums it up too.

Commercials use settings to create moods favourable to selling their product. They have an idea where their target audience are, as far as mood goes, by the show they are interrupting, which has a setting within your setting, then they add another 30 second setting over that.

Like you're at home where homey things are happening all around and you're watching Star Wars where Star-Warsy things are progressing and suddenly you're in 'the kitchen' and 'she' is worried that her pasta isn't going to be perfect! Recommendation? Well, that company's pasta is going to make 'her' pasta-worries disappear, and of course, your pasta-worries too! Then on to the next commercial where, you'll never guess but, there is a solution to your car-worries, yes there is.

Bit of a digression but, have you noticed that most new cars resemble a shoe? I'm tempted to say, "What's up with that?", but I don't want you to feel as if I'm droning on purposelessly.

But what does it mean? Not the stuff about the commercials, which I was trying to use to explain what the Hell I am meaning.

I think that the great Douglas Adams gave it a shot, the 'meaning' thing that is, with his, "Don't forget to bring your towel."

At this point I'm going a bit Monty Python on you, with, "I don't know, what the Hell does it mean to you?"

There's the comment section 'down there'. Let it out! You know, if the scene is set for you to do that at this time.

I, for one, think it has it's own meaning.


Saint Brian the Godless said...

How doth the fearful apologist
Improve his shiny tale,
And pour the waters of deception
Upon us without fail?

How cheerfully he spreads manure
Upon the ground of reason
For such a man, we can be sure
'Tis always bullshit season...

pboyfloyd said...

Maybe it's all bullshit. Perhaps a leftie fighting for the rights of workers, the poor and the old will succeed only to the point where the workers, the poor and the old are comfortable enough to forget that the leftie's fighting was how they got to be where they are.

How easy to say, "What the fuck is the point if they're just going to turn around and hate us for struggling for them?"

But I don't see struggling for fairness as the kind of thing where one is looking for kudos. More like a dad moving the kids out of danger, then, moving them out of danger again, and again, and again.

... and then 'you' die.

GearHedEd said...

Holy shit! A new post!

pboyfloyd said...

I KNOW Ed, what the fuck was I thinking?

mac said...

Indeed, what the fuck were you thinking?

Seems to me, whatever thinking it was, you should do more of it.