Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama the Dino.

Yea, I said it. Obama must be a Democrat In Name Only, the way he suck-holes to the Republicans, in the face of the abuse he gets from them.

He has to fight tooth and nail for projects which save the economy, catch up to the rest of the Civilized World as far as freedom is concerned, get his people into office and even deal with common sense oversight of the Russian nukes!

Why Obama hasn't clued in to politics of this is beyond me, unless that 'chess game' he's supposed to be playing is against the left. Unless he's willing to say to us that, sure he'd have done 'something' but the right just wouldn't LET HIM, presuming that the left have to vote him back in to be defeated by the right for another four years.

If I were him I'd realise the lost cause I'm in and just let the tax thing run out for everyone. Even if he gets what he wants, what with all this falderal, he's not gonna be getting ANY credit for it at all, ever.


mac said...

Yeah, but your boy Rush says he's a socialist ?

pboyfloyd said...

My boy Rush? Beck and 'em?

Nono, you see they're the extreme examples that we're supposed to imagine are discounted by the majority of sane people.

They are the counter-balance to the total hypocrisy of the right-in-power, who seem to have taken the attitude that simply 'cos they lost an election two years ago, doesn't mean that they're not in power anymore!

And it WORKS for them! All the time!

They neutered Carter and let Reagan triumphantly lead the World into a huge recession, blaming Carter all the way, didn't they?

Well, the same thing is happening here with Obama.

And Obama is LETTING THEM DO IT!, He's giving it to them.

Apparently Obama's policy is to give the enemy copies of his tactics and hope they don't mean us too much harm.

What happened to bluffing. What happened to, "Nation, it's a good thing that those Bush tax cuts are gone, 'cos we cannot afford them! Time to bite the bullet!"

AND THEN negotiate a tax cut for the middle class, letting the right think that THEY'LL get credit for it!

Where's the fuckin' chess game??

GearHedEd said...

Kinda makes you wonder why anyone even runs for President, what with the Congressional gridlock

(and don't forget that it takes two to tango...)