Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers for Harry C. Pharisee!

(ahem)... Flowers!

I remember sitting in the bar one day, having a beer with Kenny and Dennis. I had been studying Spanish for a bit so, out of my mouth came, "Hey, Kenny, you're from Flores Island, did YOU know that that means 'Flowers' Island!?"

Kenny was a pretty tough kind of manly man, with a heart of gold, but his expression said, "If you weren't my pal, I'd punch you on the nose for saying that!"

Dennis spotted that too and decided to 'back Kenny up', "You are WRONG, because Flores Island was named after a Spaniard named Flores!"

Dennis considers himself a bit of a brain, which is cool 'cos we've had some good conversations, you know, for 'bar conversation', and he was sure that he 'had me there'.

So, not even having to think about it, I piped up, "Well, HIS name was Mr. Flowers though, so it's STILL Flowers' Island, right?"

(YES! Two points for Ian, YAY!)

I was wondering why anyone might consider it 'sissy' to have been brought up on 'Flowers' Island'?

Would Kenny have prefered it to have been named, "EvilBastard Island", or "Ironman Island", or like THAT, perhaps in Spanish?

We just don't know!

Happy b'day Harry!


Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Well, I suppose it wouldn't have struck such fear into the heart of Papillon to hear he was sentenced to Flower Island instead of Devil's Island. Personally, the innocuously sounding Chappell or King's islands hold less appeal - since they are both infested with their own variety of Tiger Snake...

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

I suppose I should provide the disclaimer that I'm not referring to the Cincinnati theme park - I am unaware of any elapid problems around the Beast.

mac said...

Happy B-Day Harry.

I'm happy to see you 'round these parts :-)

Harry C Pharisee said...

-Perdon el espanyol basico, y sin acentos-

Flores para mi?! Muchas gracias Sr. Ian. Te agradezco por la bondad.

De todos modos, creo que tienes razon!

A mi parece que tu amigo faltan huevos, es decir necesita mas confianza en si mismo. Un hombre es un hombre y una mujer es una mujer.

En serio, a quien le importa?

Pues, en honor del manly man, desde ahora quiero que me dirija 'Harriet.'

Y ahora regreso a mis estudios.

Judge him!

Harry C Pharisee said...

Oh gracias mac,

El caballero de las motocicletas.

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, Harry, when I said, 'studying' Spanish, maybe it would have been more accurate to say, 'practicing' Spanish.

It is my understanding that you said you would like us to call you 'Harriet', is that right?

Harry C Pharisee said...

Yo estaba bromeando Scotsman, estaba bromeando.

Te juzgo!

Saint Brian the Godless said...

I seem to recall that tiger snakes are indigineous to oceania. I'd be guessing, but seeing as how guiana is in south america, that the snake in question is the fer-de-lance, another really nasty critter, but a pit viper (viperidea) and not an elapid.

The tiger snake is one of the deadliest elapids, and as such, one of the deadliest of all snakes. For more venom toxicity you have to go underwater to the sea snakes, also elapids.

The fer-de-lance therefore has hemolytic as opposed to neurotoxic venom. I'd almost rather be bitten by the tiger snake. Both'll kill ya dead, but with the former there's a lot less pain.

However I'd rather have the kind of snakebite that consists of tequila and tobasco sauce. It hurts at first, but there's benefits.


Saint Brian the Godless said...

This is a birthday present for pboy and harry:

a day in the desert

The kids laughing makes it for me. Enjoy.

Harry C Pharisee said...

Brian that was great!

The whole shebang... the kids laughing reminded me of those rare times when you see something spectacular, and you're just too thrilled to contain yourself.

Very cool, thanks.

Oh yeah, did you see the latest comment on the vid?

Harry C Pharisee said...

I wonder what the syntax would be for Evil Bastard Island?

La Isla del Bastardo Malvado
La Isla del Malvado Bastardo

Probably neither, the noun adjective thing in Spanish is quite subtle. There are proficient speakers who think they know, and I can just hear em now. "No it's not, nuh uh, it's easy!"

Kaka del toro.

I spent 2 weeks on it in a 400 level Spanish class. Once you get that advanced you go back to the basics to relearn stuff you thought you knew.

Sadly, I've forgotten most of it, after only... six months? Now I just speak like any other gringo who can get around.


Which reminds me of my Indo European language professor (more of a history class, than a language class). He was former NSA, didn't talk about it much except to say he did Arabic translation.

I asked him one time how many languages he knew. Kind of ambiguous, what does 'know' mean anyway?

He said, "Ya know Europe?"

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "I can get around."

Fair enough former NSA, fair enough.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Oh yeah, did you see the latest comment on the vid?
I went back and looked, and it was something unremarkable, can't recall now what. It must have changed or else I'm not seeing what you saw.

Saint Brian the Godless said...
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Saint Brian the Godless said...

Isla de bastardo malvado. Creo que es asi.

Yo tambien puedo communicar en espanol, pero me falta la practica. No conozco a nadie que se habla.

Creo que es absolutamente necessario a lo menos poder decir un frase en cada lengua en el mundo: Dos cervezas, por favor!

A mi hijo, voy a ensenarlo dos lenguas, a lo menos. Tres, es possible. Puedo conversar un poquito en portugues, tambien.

Como esta solamentesangre, su gemelo bueno?

Saint Brian the Godless said...

O es unosangre? Ah. Es asi. Lo siento.

Mi falta el vocabulario, tambien.

Harry C Pharisee said...

No tengo un gemelo, no tengo ninguna familia! Soy viejo como Papa Noel.

El Sr. Sangre Unica es producto de la imaginacion. El nunca ha existido salvo cuando hablo con si mismo.

Todo es Harry, y Harry es todo.

Verdad, Sangre Unica? Verdad?


No voy a dejarlo salir la mente, esta atrapado por siempre!


De todos modos...te juzgo!

Harry C Pharisee said...


Tienes razon, el nombre viene de la santa bilbia.

Argh. I don't have time to think in Spanish right now (sheepish grin). Yeah, the oneblood thing I picked when I was still a christian.

It was kind of symbolic of how I feel about racism.

In responding to your post, I didn't think there would be a good direct translation, so I chose unica for its hallmark factor. I wonder what a native speaker would say that meant? :-)

But I checked it out, and its translated either 'una sangre,' 'de uno,' 'una sola persona,' or 'un solo hombre.'

The latter two at least show I wasn't totally off base by thinking they wouldn't have an equivalent metaphor.


Anonymous said...

Harry said; "Pues, en honor del manly man, desde ahora quiero que me dirija 'Harriet.'"

You didn't happen to study with Dr. Levensohn at UCF? Odd question, I know.

Harry C Pharisee said...

"You didn't happen to study with Dr. Levensohn at UCF? Odd question, I know."

Ok Ryan, I'll bite. Did you just out sub-reference me? Or were you legitimately asking?

If you were, I'm not familiar with UCF...oh I just checked it out. I forgot you were in Florida. I'm on the East Coast, more up Brian's way.

The last time I was in Florida, I was five. Our family visited Sanibel Island.

So, do you know somebody as handsome as I am who likes to be called Harriet?

Anonymous said...

One of my philosophy professors had a radio show about life the universe and everything and his on-air persona was named "Harriett", it made no sense.

It just struck a chord when I saw that and "Harriett" was such an oddball name for one to take (I was forgetting of course that you are "Harry", so it wasn't so odd).

Unknown said...

I live in a place that translates from Cornish as 'Pile of Hill' - I would rather be a Flowers Islander!

Saint Brian the Godless said...

I live on a street named "Nooseneck Hill Road."

Makes me wonder...

Harry C Pharisee said...

I live on a street named "Nooseneck Hill Road."

Dang Bri. That's rough. I bet that there are probably some places around my town with names like that though.

Anonymous said...

I would want to live on Ironman Island!

Harry C Pharisee said...


Peeb. I just saw a Fox News program intro. They're blaming Obama for not doing anything about the oil spill.

Sometimes the hypocrisy is sooooo blatant it's actually amusing.

pboyfloyd said...

For eight years, "Hey, let's not play 'the blame game'!"


Hey, guys, it's blame game time again!(Let's pretend we don't know that though.)

Anonymous said...