Friday, March 19, 2010

The slippery slope.

How easy is it to imagine this train of events?

Since corporations can now give contributions to political parties for their campaigns we can see that it would be easy for giant companies to insert their candidate greased with big bucks to run for a particular party.

When all the right politicians are in place it would be easy to start changing the rules ever so slightly towards a more orderly and moral society. Perhaps we might wake up one morning to the news that it is no longer permissible to work on Sunday, or, in other words, everyone deserves a day off, these evil corporations have had their way for far too long, forcing secularization on the public at large like this.

Fundamentalist Christians would be dancing in the streets! The right wing media would be ecstatic, claiming peace throughout the land, one step closer to a right and moral society with good values.

A few more obscure laws and abortion suddenly becomes unconscionable, a disgrace, murder even!

Now, not only Fundamentalists, Catholics would be on board, one more step towards ALL admitting that life is absolutely sacred and holy and ought to be revered at least in principle, above all but God.

The next step is to encourage people to see that we are ALL servants of God. We are all here to do HIS bidding after all and the law of the land really ought to reflect this.

At this point the government has been filled with like-minded individuals and it is suggested that, although the Holy Bible is an inspired book it is not the last inspired word of God, obviously, because it seems to cause so many schisms.

The only thing for it really is to change calling yourself a servant of God to plain Muslim, which means the exact same thing after all.

Those who refuse? Well, there are, shall we say, methods of persuasion and the plain facts of the Quran as written by the last Prophet of God, Muhammed, peace be upon him, isn't there?

What do you say? Could NEVER happen?


mac said...

I always wondered about working on Sunday. Isn't that what the preacher does?
If it's the day God took a rest, why does everyone need to bug the shit out of him on his day off? And, why did this all-powerful, living outside of time, entity need a day off ? Couldn't he just as easily have willed himself "not tired"?

mac said...

The abortion thing?

We aren't too far removed from that very scenario.

The religiously inclined have inserted their brand of morals into our society. It just doesn't matter what you and I think, they KNOW life begins at conception - God told 'em so.

They've been trying for a while now to convince us that our society was founded on christian principles. Therefore we should all follow those principles.

Few would have a problem with theocracy IF theirs is the religion that is in power.

The only problem is, there are too many sects, with to many varying distinctions to be truly loyal to their theocracy. The Baptists would soon want to have the Catholics arrested. The Catholics would be going after the pentacostals for eating meat on Friday. The pentacostals would be after the methodists for not speaking tongues or worshiping with reptiles....

But, such a scenario as you spell out is not really that hard to imagine. We are on that slippery slope now.

Unknown said...

Sheep find it very difficult to think for themselves. From over here your it looks like your particular field is being run by God and Guns - not a terribly good combination.
I am afraid to say that your model will not work because there are humans involved!

Murr Brewster said...

On the other hand...I like the idea of Sunday being the day of sleeping in. No jobs, no church, except the Church of the Tightly Closed Eyelids. Consider me a worshiper.

pboyfloyd said...

Everyone is missing the point, which is, is it possible?

Not saying that it is a likely scenario, just that this kind of thing is possible.

Harvey said...

Of course it is! Virtually anything is possible, and I find your post nicely put together to illustrate exactly how such a thing could happen' Moreover, we have multiple historical evidences of just such a scenario. Having said that, what's your point? Are you suggesting that we are already on such a slippery slope? It seems to me that we always are, especially in a republic as large and diverse as ours is, considering how far removed each individual citizen is from either the actual running of our government or (God help us!) from participation and/or interest in decision making.

mac said...

Is it possible?

Of course it's possible. Look to any nation in the Mid-East. You'll see that not only is it possible, nut that is is actual.