Monday, October 26, 2009

Life as a virtual business

Okay, I don't know you guys. I mean I know what you think of the stuff I write here and a bit about your senses of humor and that kind of thing, but I don't know what you do, mostly. (Pliny is a doctor, he writes doctory stuff)

Anyway, what I want to do is explain my idea and see if,

a) you give a poop
b)you have any one time suggestions
c)you'd like to do some contributing
d) add a 'd'?

Here goes. We hear about people making money on the 'net all the time with sites they create, basically selling information, the 'best' thing to sell actually. It's practically like getting people to throw money at you.

Then there are the sites which get advertisers to throw money at you for entertaining people or informing folk. (or is that 'informing people or entertaining folk?(I get 'folk' and 'people' mixed up all the time.))

It all good, either way the money goes 'towards' you, which is a plus, no?

Okay so, "Make a site."(step one) Well it's a virtual step one now, in our minds, right?

Step two is making the site about 'something' interesting to attract 'lookers'.

This is all very basic and I'm sure that it's a 'row' that's been 'hoed' to death, so this part is like the set up steps, and if I'm missing anything and you think it's important you could suggest improvements to this part.

There are several 'aspects' to this proposed site. (or modules if you prefer), the first being 'your life'.

Let's say we have some kind of questionaire asking people what they want, perhaps to lose weight or to organize their affairs better, essentially to get their 'shit' together.

They'd do the questionaire, perhaps find out crap about themselves that they'd like to, let's say, "minimize" and things that they want to bring out in themselves. We could let people log in and find out how they're doing towards self-regulation.(even coming(going) to a site to write out what you had to eat that day(if you're on a 'get fit' thingy) would lend focus to their purported aims, right?

(of course, not just losing weight, but maybe quitting smoking or getting out of debt or .. (suggestions?)

Another module might be virtual modelling of a proposed business. Let's say that you want to start a business. You split the business down into components. Buying the parts that you intend to add value to (that's what a business does, right?), then a 'miracle' happens, then selling the product that you dreamed would make you a profit.

Now I don't mean the usual 'small business tutorial' thing. They want to explain stuff like, "Is your business a limited partnership or an Evil Dick Cheney type conglomerate, and they get way into drivel like this, practically begging you to go to sleep or find an online 'Asteroids' game to play.

The point would be to make the title, "Life as a virtual business." mean that in as many ways as possible, and modularizing(if that's a word) everything, from 'givens'(You ARE breathing) to the processes, (You took that 'one-a-day' vitamin, right?), to summaries(You blithering idiot, keep this up and you're gonna DIE very shortly!(no more plans for you))

I think that there are some business-wise tips and tricks that might benefit most people thinking of their lives AS businesses.(the business of living)

Comment with suggestions, modifications, models to emulate, models to avoid(praying to be thin through a mouthful of cheese-cake), add-ons, add-ins, start-ups, details or generalizations.

Basically, what I'm saying is that if you don't know the rules, you're gonna lose the game, and 'theeee' game seems to be a mish-mash of politics/business/religion and manipulating peoples' ideas concerning that mish-mash.

Knowledge dispels fear.

(please, no comments like, "I read as far as 'X', it was boring, could you summarize so I can get some 'closure' and dismiss the summary as the drivel it surely is?")


Anonymous said...

Ok, I come here because (and yes I mean it) Nietzsche is driving me up a wall. Arrogant, which presupposes presumptuous, thoughtlessly Darwinian...and I found out last week that Cherman Freddy hates and maybe loves metaphors.

Well good for him, he seemed to have had a cruddy life, maybe "..sugar is sweet and so are you," meant more to him than 'all bodies are extended.'

Anyway, I get here, and I swear it looks like the peebiest atheist on the block is proposing a business?!?!?! But! But! At the end in a boyish twist it looks like the whole shebang was metaphor as parable?

(30 seconds later, after re-reading the last couple paragraphs)

So it looks like you might be serious. Which is fine, just unexpected.

My life suggestion is to not think in binary so much (I have a semi-related list on Asylum's comment section at the moment). Binary thinking seems to lead only to reactionary processes and leaves man (personally, and socially) in upheaval.

If you get rich from that pboy, good for you. I am after all voluntarily putting it on your blog.

pboyfloyd said...

I don't plan to get rich with this oneblood, I was hoping for some actual suggestions about going about the business of living from perhaps yours and other 'take' on what a site about the business about living is as well as the actual business of living itself.

I'm not sure what to make of the stuff that you wrote.

Somehow that seems to make us even, as it appears that you are not quite sure about what to make of this post.

The raw thought, imagine a site that stepped you through the process of you qua you and guided you to help yourself be the you that you might come to realise(through the site) that you want to be.

pboyfloyd said...

"My life suggestion is to not think in binary so much (I have a semi-related list on Asylum's comment section at the moment). Binary thinking seems to lead only to reactionary processes and leaves man (personally, and socially) in upheaval."

Oh, you DID have a suggestion about life in general. But I wasn't going for that. A site of people's suggestions akin to, "'Look both ways before you cross the road!', is too binary, look where you are going to step also!"

Stacy S. said...

I sort of get it pboy.

It sounds as if you might want to be a "Life coach" of sorts. I know what that is because that's what my bff does. :-)

Anyway, she helps people focus on their goals - (that's a very basic summary)

Also, there is a program called "People Map" that addresses the questionnaire that you mention. Before I keep going ... have a look at this and see if it pertains.

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, thanks Stacy, I'll have a look at that site when I got some time.

This post is kinda in the 'meta' stage itself, I guess, I was just throwing out ideas to see if they would 'stick' kinda thing.

Still.. all very 'informative' in itself, don't ya think?

Stacy S. said...

I think it's a good strategy - yes.

GearHedEd said...


1.) Go to all the convenience stores within a five-mile radius of Casa de Pboy.

2.) Write down in your notebook what the price for your favorite brand of cigarette papers is in each store...

3.) Buy your cigarette papers from the store closest to you that has an acceptable price, but isn't so far away that you waste more money driving there than if you bought slightly more expensive papers from a more distant establishment.

4.) Roll some cigs.

5.) Decide to quit smoking, because it's bad for you.


pboyfloyd said...

Yea, Ed, about that.

There's the Fairway and a Shoppers' Drug Mart right next to each other in the strip mall which used to be just a block away from me and Emma.

The Fairway jacked their price up to a buck and I just asked why. The teller was just being honest when she said, "To match everyone else."

(This is not a 'make or break' item for them so 'free market' principles, apparently go straight in the toilet.)

I said, "But we're not communist."

Since I run out of papers at weird times, I'd often go to the Drug Mart as it was the closest to us.(a 'door' closer)

Their price was still 75 cents for about an entire year after Fairway 'upped' their prices.

What really pisses me off is not the small price-fixing that uses the logic, "Everyone else is charging that, why not us?", it's that these same people are outraged when they see this kind of thing happening on a different scale and/or with items that they have no vested interest(except as consumers) in.

It's the principle of the thing.

mac said...

You could call it Ian's Insights. It seems to me, most of these tyoe businesses merely repackage the information one already knows. All you need do is take the info given you, rearrange it into gobbly-gook psycho babble, then give it back to the (online) consumer(s). This seems to be the M.O. of the "Self Help" industry.....So, start practicing your buzz-word vocabulary. Get used to telling people they'll get their desired results if/when they get their Chacras centered, or some such shit.

mac said...

I didn't mean to seem flippant. If you are considering such an endeavor, I'd suggest you play to your Scottish heritage. Nevermind that it may have no bearing on the "business", just allow your consumers to believe it does. You might seem exotic, that may be enough to distract your marks, er, customers .....

Anonymous said...

pboy, I'm not trying to be insulting, just real, it feels a little out of sorts to be asking your blog-o-sphere compatriots for this type of advice.

Don't you want advice from people who are more typically relational?

I've been divorced five years. Haven't had a girlfriend since my separation/divorce five years ago. I would rather blog with the likes of you, Brian, mac, etc. than go out.

Do you really (even if indirectly) want to ask me for 'Life' advice?

pboyfloyd said...

Well, mac, that's the thing isn't it? Just because the internet is full of buzz-word, self-help stuff that doesn't really help except to put coin in the web-master's pocket, doesn't mean that that is what I was going for.

I imagined that the first 'flack' that I'd get would be that it would cost money to put up and maintain a site, so I headed that off with the idea that there were options where sites generate money instead.

Yea, oneblood, I really do think that if you thought about it that you DO have some very insightful knowledge about life and how to live.

I understand the reaction that 'hey this doesn't seem to be Ian's usual stuff and if there's a punch line it's a little too well hidden.

Now I'm not asking you guys to 'give me your best stuff' so that I can take it and make money off people, I was hoping for ideas, input, whatever on how we all could create even the 'basis' of an outline, a virtual website(as in non-existent((yet?))).

Like brainstorming.

Okay. mac and I both don't like the idea of fleecing the sheep with buzzwords and I'm sure everyone agrees..

GearHedEd said...

How about a listing service. a la Craigslist or Angie's list? Except that it would be Pboy's list of ???

mac said...

It's possible to make money here, on these blogs. I don't know the details or the potential. But if you go to your blog settings, you can elect to "monetize". I think it allows advertizing in the sidebars.... I remember visiting your youtube channel too. It's also possible to make money there. I think you "partner with then, and again, I think advertizing is used. I think both may depend on amount of visitors or followers or comments posted or using some type of chinese math to figure "royalties".(?)

Harvey said...


How about this?
You could gather a "panel" of blog posters who seem to meet your criteria for honesty and caring for the well-being of others, who would have no monetary interest in this "self-help" concept. You could set up a questionaire (ala dating sites) and allow specific "problem" statements from the people seeking self-improvement. The panel could then consider all of this on a case by case basis and respond online individually and with some sort of overall group recommendations.
This would differ from other fee for service "self help" processes, like certified life coaching (my son, btw, is one). It would provide anonymity, encourage open consideration of many "takes" on the individual's problems, and be likely to sometimes provide suggestions so "off the wall" that the individual would never have thought of them or considered them on their own.
Individuals who need real psychiatric or psychologic help would not be harmed in any way. Once the "advice" has been made available, individuals could continue to post with further questions/updates on personal progress/failures, etc.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

As usual Harvey is a voice of clarity.

It is possible that a site with collaborators could be useful the same way that our blogs are useful - a fairly safe way to articulate our individual perspectives. The small group who have evolved this little social and philosophical network have reached a point where some pretty heady ideas can be discussed without someone blowing a Gasset ;)

Is that useful. Must be because we all participate.

Harvey said...


"...The small group who have evolved this little social and philosophical network have reached a point where some pretty heady ideas can be discussed without someone blowing a GASSET ;)"

Good one!!

pboyfloyd said...

I think that maybe I skipped over the top of the idea a bit too 'skippy' for some.(not that the comments aren't adding 'something', if not just that, 'okay' we've covered that point now.)

I was thinking that no matter our differences, we all function, on a daily basis, much the same and that a website ... I got brainfreeze here..I know what I'm driving at but I'm having trouble expressing it.

I have to look up 'life-coach' to see what they actually do, because my imagination runs wild and I'm thinking that the only thing a life-coach could really teach you is how to be a life-coach. LOL

That can't be right?

GearHedEd said...

Idea for "Pboy's List":

Rating system for all the Whuskey & Haggis joints around the country.

Why, there must be hundreds of 'em!...

Anonymous said...

Pboy, and I hope this won't seem frivolous because I don't mean it to be, what are your interests?

The reason fads and philosophies can come and go is a kind of metaphysical legitimacy they carry. While some have more veracity than others, life's 'perplexedness' allows them all to assert that they have something to say about: how to live better, sex, food, what have you.

Every discipline has a discipline.

You can do practically anything, take a skill set from that and put it into a broader context.

Pboy the engineer, pboy the jazz musician. 'Here's what Pboy the house husband says he's learned that can help you to live more fully.'

Harvey said...

A certified life coach has had about a year of training from an accredited institution. They are qualified to help individuals assess their "place" in life and to reconcile this analysis with reality. Once this has been accomplished, the coach helps the individual to set realistic goals and a schedule to accomplish those goals. Life coaches are neither qualified nor trained to provide psychological counseling, although they can and do recognize and recommend same when needed.

pboyfloyd said...

Thanks for the summary Pliny. Seems like life coaches could be doing just the kind of thing that I was thinkin'.

Oneblood. Certainly I could learn to create videos and upload such gems as, "How to do the dishes."

Act 1. Scene 1.

(think Billy Mayes)

(close up)
"With my revolutionary method for doing that chore which no-one likes to do, you too, can achieve great success in the field of dishwashing, impress your wife, have your kids doing them for minimal bribes, impress your ma, perhaps your boss!"

(pans back to reveal kitchen scene)

"Here are the basic implements and tools that you need to do the dishes faster, more efficiently, cleaner, etc.

Fill a pot with the hottest tap water and all the cutlery.. and continue filling a sink with the water... use brush to preclean plates in other sink(in side by side sink arrangement shown)...

When all plates are in sink... give them final wash and put on rack(dishwater ought to still be 'spotless'.

Repeat the process with any bouls, then any cups and finally wash all the cutlery and soak any remaining pots and pans.

(of course the video would 'show' everything required, the 'Billy Mayes' attitude would 'astound' and 'thrill' the viewers..

.. and the wow factor..

"If you order now, in the next two minutes, we'll send the "How to do the dishes, WHILE making a full breakfast of homemade hashbrowns, bacon or sausagea, eggs, toast and coffee! Just double the Shipping and Handling!"

Next video.. How to leave for work or school with a full belly!.. Minute Mush! ;-)

(only you will know if you are a 'true' Scotsman!)

mac said...

That's the ticket ! I'm not sure the "what" matters as much as the attitude. Most of that stuff Billy Mayes sold was crap right? Yet, he sold that crap quite well. Maybe, you could shill a Haggis maker or something ;-)

mac said...

I think if the "Life Coaching" route becomes your choice, you should farm out any spiritual issues. I cannot imagine you being much better than me in that department.

Anonymous said...

Well that is related, but not what I meant.

ex. What do you know from being a Scottish Canadian that can be applied to anyone?

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, yea, mac, that's the ticket.

"Today I'm gonna sell you absolutely nothing, for the low, low price of $9.99! Imagine the thrill of not having to pay those awful shipping and handling charges while you are now permanently on tenter-hooks waiting for something that is never going to arrive!

Sure, you might think, "Wait a minute, if I imagine all my stuff gone, I've already got scads of nothing!", but that nothing is yours already so you'd be missing out on the expectation of suddenly coming into MORE nothing than you have now!

Don't think, just call our 1-900 number now and for a small fee you'll be among the first to get this wild offer!

Too low tech for you? No problem! Sign up for our texting scheme where we send super-text messages to you for 1-2 or maybe 5 dollars per message(Just text 'STOP' to be charged one last time!)

If you can find a better offer than this, we'll charge you double!"

Yea, oneblood, are we playing idea ping-pong now? I ask you guys for your ideas, and your main idea is to ask me my ideas!

Which reminds me of my next fantastic product! It's called the Mind Mirror!

mac said...

You're right. It doesn't matter if the product is junk? you've recieved $9.99 for shipping an item that cost 50 cents to ship. you offer a 100% money back guarantee in hopes they will return it. Then you can push whatever it is onto someone else, thereby making another $9.49 for the same product. All you need do is practice that pitch !

Anonymous said...

You'd already thought of paradigms that fit specifically for Scottish Canadians and were able to see how they could be used for most anyone's benefit?

Well sailor, you're one step ahead of me.

Flippin Socrates, he used to ask people questions when they just needed answers. What a maroon, no wonder they poisoned him.